Alster Communications LLC (authorized dealer for BK Technologies) Anchorage: 907-344-9674
Fairbanks: 907-452-1049
ARCTICOM (sales, rental, programming, and servicing for Motorola, Icom, Kenwood/EF Johnson,
BK Technologies/Relm, L3 Harris/Tait)
Anchorage: 907-276-0023
Icom America (Tim Thometz, Territory Sales Manager NW) 425-586-6347
Tech Support: 800-253-1498
NorthSlope Telecom Inc. (sales, programming and servicing for Motorola, Icom America, and Harris) Anchorage: 907-751-8200
ProComm Alaska LLC (sales, programming, and servicing Motorola and Icom America; sourcing for 
Kenwood, Relm, and Tait)
Toll Free: 800-478-9191
Radio Fairbanks (Kenwood products and services) Fairbanks: 907-452-1049
REVL Communications Inc (sales, programming, and servicing for Motorola,
EF Johnson, Kenwood, and Tait)
Anchorage: 907-563-8302
North Pole: 907-230-1916
Reminder, any state agency radio maintenance or purchasing is completed through the Alaska Public Safety Communication Services (APSCS), which is the state radio shop. Home – APSCS – Statewide – Alaska Department of Public Safety

The above is a partial list of Alaska-based organizations performing radio functions. This list is not all inclusive. For additional resources, contact your radio vendor.

NOTE: ALMR offices do not endorse any particular vendor, their products, or their services. The information is provided strictly to assist member agencies with options on obtaining desired services.

If you have any questions concerning radios, please contact the Operations Management Office through the Help Desk by phone at 1-888-334-2567 (ALMR) outside Anchorage and 1-907-334-2567 (ALMR) within the Anchorage Bowl, or via email.