Full ALMR Acceptance Test Procedure results are available upon request by contacting the Operations Management Office.

NOTE: The ALMR ATP  is not a certification, implied or otherwise, of any product listed.  It is presented to users only as a means of providing information on how each product performed on the ALMR System against the specified protocols of the standardized test which was designed to meet the needs of our System users.  Individuals considering purchasing any radio, regardless of the make/model, are encouraged to request a loaner from the vendor for their own testing and verification purposes.  Individual makes/models may have additional features not tested.

The Responder Knowledge Base (RKB) P25 Standards Declaration of Compliance (P25 SDoCs) currently lists products that have been certified as P25 compliant. This does not mean products not listed are non-compliant. They may not have completed the certification process at this time. As product manufacturers complete certification of compliance for their equipment, the list will be updated.

NOTE: Radios listed on the FEMA RKB website may currently not be authorized to operate on the ALMR System. Radios authorized to operate on ALMR must pass an Acceptance Test Procedure (ATP) prior to approval. Manufacturers producing P25-compliant radios may provide equipment for ATP on ALMR at any time by contacting the System Management Office to schedule a test date.