Alaska Land Mobile Radio

A Federal, State, and Municipal Partnership

Quantar Replacement Project

September 22nd, 2020|

In July 2020, the State of Alaska invested in a $24M Quantar upgrade and replacement project for aging ALMR infrastructure with Motorola. The year-long project will result in 71 sites being upgraded with GTR repeaters .... read more

TDMA Phase 2 Capability

September 22nd, 2020|

An exciting new capability will be coming to ALMR with the GTR upgrade project that will help bring additional capacity to ALMR sites across the state. As part of this upgrade, sites will transition from .... read more

Vision Statement

Provide Alaskan public safety first responders with interoperable communications that are cost effective, reliable, and adhere to national standards for public safety land mobile radio.

Mission Statement

Manage the shared ALMR System by supporting the collaborative partnership between public safety first responders serving the citizens of Alaska, and provide secure, reliable, 24/7 operations by utilizing the latest proven land mobile radio technologies

“Our commitment is to provide a wireless, cost effective, public safety interoperable communications system for all of Alaska.”

ALMR Executive Council, Alaska Land Mobile Radio

Contact Information

Chris Letterman
Chris LettermanOperations Manager
Travis Conant
Travis ConantSystem Manager