AMLR Shared Investment – Shared Benefit

The success of the ALMR system is attributed to the cooperative approach of shared investment across member organizations. While the State of Alaska, Department of Defense, and non-DOD Federal Agencies provide direct support; many other organizations have contributed to overall system capability through their investments in:

  • More than 10,000 Subscriber Units procured by Boroughs, Municipalities, and other local organizations (average cost of $4,700 each) [represent in-kind investment of over $47M]
  • Nearly 2,000 Subscriber Units purchased by Federal NON-DOD agencies [in-kind over $9.4M]
  • More than 7,500 Subscriber Units purchased by State of Alaska [$35.25M]
  • Over 100 Consoles – supported by professional dispatchers located around Alaska equates to approximately $10M
  • 19 Bi-Directional Amplifiers to help extend ALMR network to in-building coverage and the Whittier Tunnel represent an average investment of $125K each for an approximate investment of $2.37M
  • $850K New Cottonwood Creek ALMR/AWARN RF site & 60 Subscriber Units (funded / installed by City of Wasilla)
  • $24M by SOA for 73 site Quantar to GTR upgrade

While these highlights and others not listed represent over $165 Million dollars of shared investment in the ALMR system it is important to note the above list only reflects the land mobile radio (LMR) portions of the ALMR system. Other ongoing costs and investments over the years include:

  • Land and Site Leases
  • Communication Towers
  • ALMR RF Site Shelters
  • Generators (to meet SAFECOM Public Safety Standards)
  • Backup Battery Plants (to meet SAFECOM Public Safety Standards)
  • Networking Equipment
  • Communication Backhaul Equipment
  • Circuit Leases
  • Committed Technical Staff to Support 24/7 Operations