You can. However, it will continue to be inefficient, and interoperability between first responders will continue to be severely handicapped. The State and local governments had to move to a new system that supports narrow band technology and public safety communications standards by Dec 31, 2012, to meet the FCC mandate. The SOA system was over 25 years old, and was in need of replacement when replaced by the ALMR trunked technology. This was an opportunity to implement a cost shared, standards based, communication solution that allows most public safety responders from all levels of government to have interoperable communications for day to day use, when mutual aid is required such as during natural and manmade disasters, and during task force operations such as homeland security roles and missions. It ensures the State and local government Public Safety agencies are in compliance with the FCC narrowband mandate, as well as with the DHS National Emergency Communications Plan (NECP).