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Two-way Radio Troubleshooting Guide - A list of common problems and solutions. 

NOTE:  ALMR Operations Management Office has received expressed permission (on file) from Discount Two-Way Radio Corporation to provide a link on this guide.  The guide is presented for informational purposes only.  Agencies with equipment problems that they are unable to resolve themselves should contact an authorized radio servicing agent. (see list on the bottom of the "Radios" web page)


DHS&EM/5 Star Team - Interoperable Radio Communications Training Curriculum Summary

The following training modules are from previous training presentations and were developed in a PowerPoint format.


Astro Portable Training (pdf, 2.1Mb)

XTS5000 Portable Operations Manual (pdf, 559Kb)

E Button (pdf, 217Kb)

Statewide Incident Command Zones (pdf, 172Kb)

IC Zone Naming (pdf, 71Kb)

Radio Use in High Noise Environments

Hands-on Radio Training

NOTE:  If you receive drawing errors continue through the presentation to the last slide and come back, the drawing conversion takes some time to correct itself.  You may also download the files to alleviate these errors.

Lesson 1 - Radio Concepts (pdf, 1.2Mb)

Lesson 2 - Affliation & Trunking (pdf, 497Kb)

Lesson 3 - Scanning & Scan Programming (pdf, 637Kb)

Lesson 4 - Radio Operations (pdf, 2.2Mb)

Lesson 5 - Encryption (pdf, 441Kb)

NOTE:  Agencies desiring training should contact the Operations Management Office.  

Library (pdf, 87KB) (materials available for check out by member agencies - except as annotated.)


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