Mobile, Portable, Consolette and Aircraft Radios


NOTE:  Although the ALMR System does not currently support text messaging, future System upgrades may offer that capability.  Please consider your agency's requirements (now and in the future) when purchasing subscriber units.  Always check the subscriber unit specifications, and software requirements, to ensure you know its capabilities.  When in doubt, ask your servicing agent or contact the Operations Management Office.

DHS Multi Band Radio Pilot Report (December 2012)

NOTE:  Documents are in Acrobat format, unless otherwise noted, and file sizes are listed.

The following devices have been tested and approved to operate on the ALMR infrastructure.  Agencies should not purchase equipment that does not appear on this page without checking with the System Management Office or Operations Management Office first.



Motorola APX radio cleaning in light of COVID-19 (69kb)

MTN-0038-20-GL-COVID19 - Motorola Solutions Technical Notification (MTN) - Motorola Solutions Radio, Body-Worn Camera and Accessory - Cleaning (131Kb)

MTN-0048-20-GL_CV - Motorola Solutions Technical Notification (MTN) - Motorola Solutions base station, repeater, gateway, dispatch and other fixed infrastructure cleaning and disinfecting guidelines in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic (139Kb)

L3 Harris Techinal Services Memo 14221-1800-2000, REV M - Cleaning and disinfecting guidelines for L3Harris XL Series portable radios (196Kb)

Kenwood Service Bulletin: LSB-0364 - Recommended cleaning and disinfecting guidelines for all Kenwood radios and accessories in response to COVID-19 (37Kb)

iCOM Disenfecting Guidelines - Cleaning and Disinfecting Icom Radios for the COVID-19 Virus (112Kb)

RELM Service Bulletin BKSB-1058 - Cleaning and disinfecting guidelines for BK Technologies radios (30Kb)


Mobile Radios

EF Johnson (owned by the JVCKenwood Group)

53SL ES (513Kb)


XG-25M (600Kb)
XG-75M (616Kb)


IC-F9511T (911Kb)
IC-F9511HT (1.5Mb)


TK 5710/5810 (358Kb)
TK 5720/5820 (398Kb)
NX 5700/5800/5900 (762Kb)
VM600 (435Kb)
VM900 (525Kb)
Viking VM6000 Multi-band (558Kb)


XTL 1500 (99Kb)
XTL 2500 (107Kb)
XTL 5000 (92Kb)
APX 4500  (298Kb)
APX 6500  (360Kb)

APX 7500 Multi-band (604Kb)


KNG-M150 (609Kb)


TM9155 (367Kb)
TM9400 (333Kb)

Portable Radios

EF Johnson (owned by the JVCKenwood Group)

51SL ES (899Kb)
51 Fire ES (614Kb)


P5400 (104Kb)
XG-25P (636Kb)
XG-75P (614Kb)
PRC 152A (2.5Mb)


IC-F9011S (591Kb)


TK 5210 (418Kb)
NX 5200/5300/5400 (679Kb)
Viking Fire (601Kb)
Viking VP600 (940Kb)
Viking VP900 Multi-band (810Kb)
Viking VP6000 Multi-band (491Kb)


XTS 1500 (105Kb)
XTS 2500 (176Kb)
XTS 5000 (116Kb)
APX 1000 (214Kb)

APX 4000  (647Kb)
APX 6000  (414Kb)
APX 7000 Multi-band (953Kb)
APX 8000 All band (913Kb)

NOTE:  The following notices are provided for agency information only regarding Motorola subscriber lifecycle support.  Questions should be directed to your agency's service provider. 

APX 6000/SRX2200 Lifecycle Support Notice July 19, 2017
APX 7000L - Intent to Cancel


KNG-P150 (711Kb)


TP9100 (385Kb)
TP9400 (387Kb)


Liberty Multi-band (780Kb)

Aircraft Radios


TDFM-7000 (704Kb)
TDFM-9000 (716Kb)

Cobham Airborne Tactical Radio

RMR RT-7000 (441Kb)

Base Stations/Consolettes


APX7500 Multi-band Consolette (465Kb)
NOTE: Please contact the ALMR Operations Manager, Mr. Del Smith, prior to purchasing this radio to discuss non-supported functions.

Other Equipment

Additional Equipment Options to Consider (69Kb)
Clamshell Battery Cases (11Kb)

Acceptance Test Procedures

ALMR Test Results (157Kb) (Last updated 12/12/2019)

NOTE:  Data provided is not a certification, implied or otherwise, of any product listed.  It is presented to users only as a means of providing information on how each product performed on the ALMR System against the specified protocols of the standardized test which was designed to meet the needs of our System users.  Individuals considering purchasing any radio, regardless of the make/model, are encouraged to request a loaner from the vendor for their own testing and verification purposes.  Individual makes/models may have additional features not tested.

The Responder Knowledge Base (RKB) P25 Standards Declaration of Compliance (P25 SDoCs) currently lists products that have been certified as P25 compliant.  This does not mean products not listed are non-compliant.  They may not have completed the certification process at this time.  As product manufacturers complete certification of compliance for their equipment, the list will be updated.

NOTE:  Radios listed on the FEMA RKB website may currently not be authorized to operate on the ALMR System.  Radios authorized to operate on ALMR must pass an Acceptance Test Procedure (ATP) prior to approval.  Manufacturers producing P25-compliant radios may provide equipment for ATP on ALMR at any time by contacting the System Management Office to schedule a test date.  Those radios currently authorized to operate on ALMR at listed at the top of the page.

Two-way Radio Troubleshooting Guide - A list of common problems and solutions. 

NOTE:  ALMR Operations Management Office has received expressed permission (on file) from Discount Two-Way Radio Corporation to provide a link on this guide.  The guide is presented for informational purposes only.  Agencies with equipment problems that they are unable to resolve themselves should contact an authorized radio servicing agent.


Alster Communications LLC (servicing for Relm and technology sales) Anchorage: 907-344-9674
ARCTiCOM (sales, rental, progamming, and servicing for Motorola and Tait)Anchorage: 907-276-0023
Alster Communications Equipment and Service LLC
(servicing for Relm and Technology sales)
Fairbanks: 907-452-1049
Futaris Inc. (sales and programming for Motorola) Anchorage: 907-344-1223
After normal business hours:
NorthSlope Telecom Inc.(sales, programming and servicing for Motorola) Anchorage: 907-562-4693
ProComm Alaska LLC (sales, programming and servicing Motorola; sourcing for 
Kenwood, Relm and Tait)
Toll Free: 800-478-9191

REVL Communications Inc (sales, programming, and servicing for Motorola,
EF Johnson, Kenwood, Tait, and Thales)
Anchorage: 907-563-8302
North Pole: 907-488-4788
The Sales Group (Icom sales) Alaska:  907-250-8706
Tom Ferri Company (programming and servicing for Relm) Fairbanks: 907-457-1560
The above is a partial list of Alaska-based organizations performing radio functions. This list is not all inclusive. For additional resources, contact your radio vendor.

NOTE: ALMR offices do not endorse any particular vendor, their products, or  their services. The information is provided strictly to assist member agencies with options on obtaining desired services.

If you have any questions concerning radios, please contact the Operations Management Office through the Help Desk by phone at 1-888-334-2567 (ALMR) outside Anchorage and 1-907-334-2567 (ALMR) within the Anchorage Bowl, or via email.



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