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The User Council is made up of twelve members representing the original four constituency groups: the State of Alaska, the Department of Defense, Federal Non-DOD agencies (represented by the Alaska Federal Executive Association), and local/tribal and municipal governments (represented by the Alaska Municipal League and the Municipality of Anchorage).  The council has the responsibility for making all operational and maintenance decisions affecting the ALMR System.

 Ocie Adams

Vice Chair

Tammy Goggia

Council Members

  Mr. Ocie Adams  (Chair)   SOA-DOT (Department of Transportation & Public Facilities)
  Mr. Nathan Skinner   SOA-ALL OTHERS (Division of Forestry)
  Mr. Leon Morgan   SOA-DPS (Alaska State Troopers)
  Deputy Chief Brad Johnson   MUNICIPALITIES-NORTH (Fairbanks Police Department)
  Ms. Tammy Goggia (Vice Chair)   MUNICIPALITIES-CENTRAL
  MSgt David Jennings   DOD-JBER (Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson)
  Mr. Chris Martin   DOD-EIE (Eielson Air Force Base & Clear Air Force Station)
 Lt Col Byron Brown   DOD-ARMY (US Army Alaska)
  Mr. John Wolfe   FED Non-DOD DOI (US Fish and Wildlife Service)
 Captain John Brinley   FED Non-DOD All Others (US Forest Service)
  Mr. Bill Kaizer   FED Non-DOD DOJ (Federal Bureau of Investigation)

User Council representatives are appointed by their respective agencies/geographic areas. The Chair and Vice Chair are elected annually by the members of the User Council.

User Council Governance Documents

User Council Charter (pdf, 509KB)


User Council meetings are held the first Wednesday of every month.  System users can call in and listen to meetings.  However, they may not address the Council without prior approval of the Chair.  Specific issues may be passed on to the regional representative to present to the council.  If you wish to listen to the meeting, email Sherry Shafer the day prior to the meeting for the teleconference number. 

A list of all scheduled meetings can be found on the Meeting Calendar page.

Dec 6 Agenda Minutes
I&R Log Action Items
Nov 1 Agenda (55Kb) Minutes (docx, 76Kb)
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Sep 6 Agenda (56Kb)
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Jul 5 Agenda (55Kb) Minutes (179Kb)
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Jun 7 Agenda (56Kb) Minutes (216Kb)
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May 3 Agenda (56Kb) Minutes (254Kb)
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I&R Log (17Kb) None
Apr 5 Agenda (55Kb) Minutes (217Kb)
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I&R Log (18Kb) None
Mar 1 Agenda (55Kb) Minutes (241Kb)
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I&R Log (20Kb) None
Feb 1 Agenda (55Kb) Minutes (215Kb)
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I&R Log (24Kb) None
Jan 4 Agenda (56Kb) Minutes (218Kb)
Recording (wmv, 12.5Mb)
I&R Log (23Kb) Action Items (9Kb)

UC Member Attendance (78Kb)

User Council Historical Meeting Materials

2007-2008 2009-2010
2011-2012 2013-2014


User Council Annual Assessment on System Operations and Management

2008 (314Kb) 2009 (806Kb)
2010 (915Kb) 2011 (483Kb)
2012 (330Kb) 2013 (375Kb)
2014 (756Kb) 2015 (582Kb)
2016 (546Kb)  



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