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 November 10 Dispatch Teleconference Video/Recording  (mp4, 72Mb)

November 24 Dispatch Teleconference Video/Recording  (mp4, 62Mb)

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Questions Answers
We talked about this before, that the old E Region goes into the new Central, so what used to be considered down on the Peninsula is now considered Central, correct? Correct
Are all of the dispatch centers monitoring all the calling channels or is it going to be segmented by region? The intention is to be segmented by the region.  The one probable exception to that is Fairbanks AST will have to have the Southeast since they tend to dispatch for Ketchikan and that area quite a bit
I see the dispatchers are going to be monitoring the channels and then assigning command talkgroups, so as far as training goes, will there be something that I can give my dispatchers or even train my dispatchers how to assign those talkgroups We will work on that and provide more information prior to January 20, 2021.
I don't know if this is a question for today or just a comment for us to look at as we develop this, but for instance, the Central area encompasses multiple large dispatch centers. I think it may be helpful for us to go through with those dispatch managers on the protocol as far as who is assigning what, those types of things, and how they're going to work together if there are multiple folks monitoring or if only one dispatch center is kind of responsible for assigning.  These are things I can see and there was some questions that came from my dispatch manager about that.  Maybe that is something to put on the list as we go down this path. We will work on setting up a conversational meeting with Central area dispatch organizations to talk this through. It would be good to have a couple scenarios to talk through when we meet. From this meeting we can devise some takeaways and training ideas for North and South EastůStay Tuned!
Has it been determined who will monitor the ALL CALL/HAIL Channels? We have had that discussion internally and we are suggesting that Fairbanks AST would be the primary for the North Interoperability Zone with Fairbanks City as the secondary, MATCOM would be primary for the Central Interoperability Zone with both Soldotna AST and Anchorage City as secondary, and Ketchikan AST would be covering the Southeast Interoperability Zone.



Interoperability Zones Transition Plan (pdf, 255Kb)

New State Interoperability Zones (pdf, 226Kb)

Interoperability Dispatch Flyer (pdf, 183Kb)





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