Executive Council


The Executive Council is made up of three voting members and two associate (non-voting) members representing the original four constituency groups:  the State of Alaska, the Department of Defense, Non-DOD Federal agencies (represented by the Alaska Federal Executive Association), and local/tribal and municipal governments (represented by the Alaska Municipal League and the Municipality of Anchorage).  The council's mission is to provide leadership and oversight for the operations and management of the ALMR System.

Council Members

  Deputy Commissioner Bill Comer State of Alaska - Department of Public Safety (Voting)
  Colonel Timothy Maxwell Department of Defense - Alaskan Command/Joint Task Force-Alaska (Voting)
  ASAC Tony Jung Alaska Federal Executive Association - Federal Bureau of Investigations (Voting)
  Ms Linda Murphy Alaska Municipal League (Non-Voting)
  Captain David Koch Municipality of Anchorage - Anchorage Police Department (Non-Voting)


A list of all scheduled meeting can be found on the Meeting Calendar page.


Note:  All files below are in Acrobat format unless otherwise listed and file sizes are noted.

October 19 Agenda (59kb) Minutes (78Kb)
Recording (wmv, 25.4Mb)
Per motion and vote of approval by the Executive Council on 8/17/2017, the decision was made to hold meetings on a quarterly basis starting in October, unless pressing business dictated that an interim meeting be held.
August 17 Agenda (59Kb) Minutes (73Kb)
Recording (wmv, 31Mb)
July 20 Agenda (58Kb) Minutes (72Kb)
Recording (wmv, 25Mb)
June 22 Agenda (57Kb) Minutes (69Kb)
Recording (wmv, 34.5Mb)
May 18 Agenda (59Kb) Minutes (73Kb)
Recording (wmv, 27.1Mb)
April 20 Agenda (60Kb) Minutes (74Kb)
Recording (wmv, 34.5Mb)
March 16 Agenda (227Kb) Minutes (94Kb)
Recording (wmv, 32.5Mb)
February 16 CANCELLED
January 24 Agenda (129Kb) Minutes (104Kb)
Recording (wmv, 29.6Mb)

Previous Years' Meeting Materials (2015 - 2016)

Previous Years' Meeting Materials (2013 - 2014)

Previous Years' Meeting Materials (2011 - 2012)

Previous Years' Meeting Materials (2005 - 2010)


Council Governance

Executive Council Charter (pdf, 72KB)

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