A Federal, State, and Municipal Partnership

Vision Statement

Provide Alaskan public safety first responders with interoperable communications that are cost effective, reliable, and adhere to national standards for public safety land mobile radio.

Mission Statement

Manage the shared ALMR System by supporting the collaborative partnership between public safety first responders serving the citizens of Alaska, and provide secure, reliable, 24/7 operations by utilizing the latest proven land mobile radio technologies.

Mr. Del Smith
Operations Manager
Phone: (907) 334-2636

Mr. Travis Conant
System Manager
Phone: (907) 334-2567
Email: tconant@beringstraits.com

ALMR Help Desk: (907) 334-2567

Email: ALMR-Helpdesk@inuitservices.com

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"Our commitment is to provide a wireless, cost effective, public safety interoperable communications system for all of Alaska."  

- ALMR Executive Council -

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Alaska Land Mobile Radio
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